ELTIM audio amplifiers

ELTIM audio BV is known by distribution and sales (webshop: www.eltim.eu) of high quality audio parts and modules.
Many manufacturers buy their parts from us actually since 2001 already.

We also design and assemble our own audio related modules like preamplifiers, power amplifiers, power supplies, etc.
All our amplifier designs are made in a modular setup, meaning that we can make hundreds of different (pre)amplifiers.
With our Amplifier Modules we could build your exclusive, bespoke amplifier as you can find some in this website.
What you'll find here are just some examples of what we (can) make. Just contact us al tell your ideas.
The amplifiers listed in this webshop are just some examples or suggestions.

Op veler verzoek en voor het eerst zullen we onze versterkers demonstreren
en wel op dé toonaangevende show in de Benelux:
We zullen draaien met een ELTIM A3300HQ eindversterker
en onze eerste voorversterker, de P2280, aangesloten
op een paar luidsprekers van MC-Systems, de MP-3.1

U vindt ons in kamer 36 alwaar we in de kamer uitsluitend demonstreren.
We zullen ons uiterste best doen om spreken, met deuren slaan, etc. tijdens onze
korte demo's (half uur) te voorkomen. Luisteren daarom alleen op afspraak.
The customer of this 0001 serialnumber is travelling throughout the Netherlands with it and amazes
distributors, dealers, audio communities, friends, etc. with the pure and rich sound hardly heard elsewhere.
Due to his work ELTIM amps become well known in the Netherlands very fast.  We thank him for that -)
It's difficult to talk about ones own developments and it's quality, so we let others do that on a special page.

For years we also develop and produce loudspeakers on customer requests.
As with all our amplifier designs, tehy are handmade in house from bottom to top.
With our way different approach compared to all the others just following each other, we managed
to develop speakers matching our high quality ampifier designs.
Mostly they look, function and SOUND different as our tech talk does as well.
About everybody listening to our speakers give us a compliment with keywords:
MUSIC and EMOTION.        That's our goal indeed.
Of course you don't believe us. We agree that there is way to much bla, bla, bla.
So, have some fun and read the plain 6moons experiences with just ONE 16cm drive unit
    which is written completely different as you are used to, simply because they are amazed.
They tell about their experiences as we see with every demonstration actually.
MOREL staff listened to it with wide open mouth. "Louis, this is NOT possible".
Mundorf's export manager november 2018 had similar texts and missed his
next appointment. Also many others (even OEM's) were surprised.
Real deep bass, singing cymbals and clear voices cannot come from this, but it does.

Obviously all design rules don't match always, especially if you use a most uncommon
drive unit, with uncommon damping material in an uncommon cabinet.
Sometimes, while taking a new path, interesting things happen. We like to do so.
Everybody is invited and get comvinced as well. Make an appointment.
Of course it is always powered by one of our amplifer designs.
We also have our other designs ready for a demonstration.

Get your unique, bespoke ELTIM equipment now and enjoy the music.