ELTIM audio amplifiers

We at ELTIM audio are audiophiles as well as audio technicians for over 40 years, wondering
why even expensive equipment use cheap or even unsuitable parts, and use so much wire, causing
sound degradation and very complicated, production time consuming designs. We do it different.

Our amplifiers use a modular setup, meaning that we can make many different (pre)amplifiers.
In our designs you won't find about any wiring, nor complicated setups, nor cheap crap parts.
We expect that your ELTIM gear will last for at least 20 years.
All module sizes are made in a way that we can use many prefabicated, standarised cabinets.
This modular setup, cabinet and modules, no expensive marketing team, etc. results in nice prices as well.

We do NOT take part of the class-D "hype", we passed that phase already and sound better.
Actually, our class A/B designs even sound better than high quality, old school class-A designs.
Besides a better sound, the average efficiency is also better than class-D actually.
All these phrases don't come from us, but from our customers.

With our Amplifier Modules we could build your exclusive, bespoke amplifier as you can find some in this website.
What you'll find here are just some examples of what we (can) make. Just contact us and tell us your ideas.
The amplifiers listed in this webshop are just some examples or suggestions.

is behind us now, and we can conclude that it was a fantastic weekend, especially where we
had our first preamplifier ready just in time for taking part of our demonstrations.
This ELTIM P3435 preamplifier powered a pair of ELTIM M2280 monoblocks,
in turn firing a pair of speakers, the MC-Systems MP-3.2 :

Introduced at X-Fi audioshow 2019: ELTIM Preamplifier P3435:

The customer of this A3300 HRQ Power Amplifier with serial number 0001 amazes
audio communities, friends, etc. with the pure, powerful and rich sound hardly heard elsewhere.
It's difficult to talk about ones own developments and it's quality, so we let others do that on a special page.
For Dutch readers we have a reaction page of Dutch customers and even colleagues.

Get your unique, bespoke ELTIM equipment now and enjoy the music.
Just start communicating with us, ending up in a unique and very nice bespoke amplifier.