ELTIM Preamplifiers

After the introduction of our Power Amplifiers, our customers started to ask for Preamplifiers with the same quality level for these Power Amps. It took us two years to find similar solutions as with our Power Amplifiers to achieve the the same airy, open and powerfull sound. We already sell the modules for it. In fall 2018 we are drawing and producing some nice cabinets for them as well, so we will present some models here soon. Below just some examples of some interiors:

Here the interior of our middle type, the PRE-330 module.
We just need to make drawings for the cabinet and strat producing. Status febr. 2018




As with our Power Amplifier designs we can discuss with you about a lot of things you want, f.e.
  • Pure passive preamplifier
  • Active amplifier with buffered in/outputs
  • Number of in/outputs, whether RCA or balanced
  • Regular (ALPS) volume potentiometer
  • Highly sopisticated Voltage Controlled Amplfier circuit
  • extra power supply regulation
  • Regular or toroidal PCB transformer
  • etc.