CS-120 Current Stage module

With the CS-120 Current Stage "engine" our setup differs from most of the other amplifier manufacturers. It is constructed in a similar way with the same "wireless" connecting principle as with our CS-80 module. With a larger heatsink we can do more though.
Our CS-120 Current Stage module

Basically the setup is similar as a CS-80 module, also with all transistors
at the backside, but there are some significant improvements:

  • Flat mounted to a larger heatsink resulting in a better heat transfer / higher power capability
  • Even lower microphonic effects due to mounting with 11 screws to the solid heatsink
  • Larger power supply capacitors very close to the power transistors
  • 70um thick copper tracks (CS-80 is 35um, CS165 is 120um)
  • Extremely compact and clean "wireless" connection with several other (possible) modules

The available output power is about completely defined by the output voltages of the connected transformer:
The +CD lines represent the values when a CD-120 add-on module pair is attached as well.

Compared to a CS-80, the power devices stay cooler while delivering the same power and it has an even better base fundament.

This module fits on 200x120mm heatsinks or in f.e. a MODU 300 x 165mm (DxH) Dissipante cabinet.
If CD-120 modules are attached the pack fits on a 300x120mm heatsink or in a 400x165mm cabinet.

Actually, most people wanting a high-end/reference class amplifier delivering somewhat high sound level in a home environment, this one will do fine!