CS-40 Supply

Our CS-40 Current Stage model comes closest to most setups we see everywhere. On the board are just and only the parts required for the power train.

The board is L-mounted to a heatsink and a seperate power supply has to be hooked op by wires. An advantage of this is that you can make this power supply as large as you want with the parts you want.
We have some nice supplies available for this job:

With this one some extra capacitors
could be connected as well.
It also fits on top of a toroidal transformer!

Since this power supply can be very large indeed, an amplifier using these CS-40 module could deliver up to 2kW in bridged mode actually. This cannot be done with just a single pair of power transistors. If you plan to build such an amplifier, you need to select the "naked" version, the CS-40 CB where connectors are mounted instead of power transistors. There you have to connect one of our CD-modules where 2 - 4 pairs find their place.   We even have models with 2 - 4 pieces at left and 2 - 4 pieces at right flanks for constructing an amazing monoblock. A combination like this would exactly fit in the new MODU Mini Dissipante cabinets in a width of 330mm. Heights 80 and 120mm.