CS-40ps Current Stage module

Our most universal one is the CS-40ps module, being the lowest in height AND equipped with all power supply parts, except for the transformer:
CS-40ps, current stage module in RQ version

This one is meant for those who want a cost effective amplifier. It is f.e. in our DEMO amplifier and the Monoblocks we use ourselves. As listeners tell, this one already outranks a lot of amplifiers in sound quality, also (or even?)  the Hypex NCore class-D amplifiers as Monoblocs in the test, which are ranked as the best available class-D amplifiers today. We only need to hook-up a suitable transformer and in/output connectors, saving time. The rated power is about just defined by the transformer voltages:
The shown 2 prs graphs are if an extra pair of CD-40 modules is added left and right.

The smallest versions of these (see step 4) even fit in a 40mm (1U) high cabinet, Perfect in f.e. multi amplifier setups in f.e a stage rack or active speaker systems. We could mount 6 of them in a 120mm high cabinet and 8 in a 210mm cabinet.
The higher ranked versions (due to higher/better Power Supply capacitors) all fit in 80mm high (2U) cabinets. Six of those could fit in a 210mm high cabinet.
We use 35um thick coppertracks, where (China) standard is 15um!

Some examples where this module is used: