Doubling capacity

The CS-boards where power expansion is possible/allowed, increasing it's capabilities is quite simple to do. There are side connectors on the CS-module where you can connect special CD-module pairs, each equipped with an extra pair of Power transistors.

Some advantages are:

  • About doubling available power @ 4 ohms loads

  • Increase of the damping factor

  • Better speaker control

  • Even more impressive bass

  • Spreading the heat, especially while used at                      high power for a longer period of time

There are CD-modules like this for all five CS-modules.
We made these modules only 50mm wide, so a pair will widen the total from 200mm to 300mm.
This is done with the sizes of available heatsinks and MODU Dissipante cabinets in mind.

With these CD-modules attached, the total pack will fit on 200x80/120/165mm heatsinks or
in f.e. a MODU 400 x 120/165/210mm (DxH) Dissipante cabinet.