ELTIM amplifier modular principle

We have seen and repaired so many amplifiers where all electronics is hooked up with an amazing amount of wires. We believed that, by building (pre)amplifiers in a modular way, this wiring cound be minimized. While developing our idea's we found out that we only needed the transformer wiring and some wires to the input/output leads. With most of our preamplifiers there is about no wiring at all.

Let us show just two examples:

Accuphase P-450 interior                                                       ELTIM amplifier with FIVE connected modules
                                                                                                     CS-80, VS-20 (not visible), PS-80, IO/80bal and VR-3

Both amps deliver about the same amount of power. We don't use the P-450 any more.

Our different modules are not all required, but if mounted there is NO wiring.
  • CS-module, feeding the speaker with large currents (required)
  • VS-module, where the input signal is transferred to feed a CS-module (required)
  • PS-module, a power supply module especially made to feed some of our CS-modules (option)
  • IO-module, simply connected to a top end of a CS/VS combination (option).
       The in (RCA or XLR / speaker terminal connectors are connected here with 2-4cm of wire.
  • CD-module, extra module(s) connected to a specific CS-40(ps) module with more than a single
       pair of power mosfets. Available for stereo and monoblockk applications (optional)
  • VR-module, transferring and regulating a supply voltage for a VS-module (option)

With us, you can decide what you want to use and add it to the rest, all without wiring required.
Connect the required modules directly and connectors/trafo by some short wires, that's it.