Step 1: cabinet type

With ELTIM audio, you can decide yourself what size, quality and front colour your (pre)amplifier has to become. We use prefabricated MODU cabinets as base, where on request they can CNC mill and drill al the work you want to be done and even a full color printing of anything you want is possible. Our audio modules have shapes exactly fitting the cabinet(s) they most likely are used in.

-  All cabinet housings are matted, scratchfree black painted.
- The frontpanels can be of brushed bare aluminium (silver) or brushed black.
- The thickness of the frontpanels can be 10mm or 4mm/19".
- The top/bottom lid panels can be made of 1mm steel or 2mm aluminium.
- Specific CNC work can be done already.

Some examples below.

      MODU Slimline cabinets                                      MODU Dissipante cabinets
Preamplifiers and low power Amplifiers                  (Integrated) Power Amplifiers
        450mm wide                                                        450mm wide

                      MODU Galaxy cabinets                            MODU Mini Dissipante cabinets
     Small preamplifiers and Monoblocks                        High Power Monoblocks
                  240 or 340mm wide                                        240 or 340mm wide

By selecting one of these types of cabinets, you already made the first step

We only add our signature front "grille" to these cabinet fronts, stating
that this specific amp is hand made by ELTIM audio BV especially for you:
ELTIM logo soft lit, skyblue, NOT the irritating blue we see everywhere
Instead on/off there will be "Power" in smaller text.
With preamplifiers there is a selector knob at left, and
a volume knob at the right. Both Ø40mm massive ones.

Our logo plate is NOT available for the DIY market, we
only mount them on the amplifiers we build ourselves!