Step 5: Input/output mod.

Our amplifier modules are working just by using any CS-module together with any VS-module. While using them so, you only need to connect the input- and speaker leads directly to the PCB connectors. The input signal needs to be a line (RCA) signal.

With our modular setup, we also had in mind that there should be the possibility of connecting a special PCB, where the RCA- and speaker connectors could be connected with just short and straight wires:
In this example you see the locations of the speaker terminals and a balanced XLR connector.
We have these modules available with a line input (without electronics) and a very good
performing balanced circuitry called InGenius by THAT Corp.
Due to their clever concept, this circuit is behaving as a very good transformer based input.

We have these modules available for CS-80, CS-120 and CS-165 modules, both with line input or balanced InGenius input.
NOTE: while using a balanced input, there ARE NO capacitors at all in the signal path!

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