ELTIM Speakers

ELTIM speakers are fullrange with top ranked units or multiway speakers, all having a somehow "different"sound as you are used to.  
In multiway systems we succeeded to use working 6/6dB serial crossovers with a minimum of phase errors as conventional crossovers tend to show. Due to the lack of phase errors the sound is amazingly open, transparent and fast with a fantastic 3D presentation.
Due to the lack of these phase errors in ELTIM speakers, you can touch your favourite artists nose and even don't need to sit exactly in the "hotspot". But, you hae to realign your head for a few minutes since your brains don't have to deal with the phase errors any more they were used to.
Due to the flat impedance curve and lack of sometimes an overwhelming amount of crossover components, your amplifier will also deliver precise power in the deepest regions, rewarded by a smile on your face.  
While using the highest quality drive units, the finest details will be presented; even the size of a studio, church, etc. is "felt".  

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As with our amps, our speakers are completely handmade in house. We have our own timber workshop, so we can make about any (wooden) speaker cabinet. Send us your idea!

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