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ELTIM audio BV is known by distribution and sales (webshop: www.eltim.eu) of high quality audio parts and modules.
We also design and assemble our own audio related modules like preamplifiers, power amplifiers, power supplies, etc.
With our Amplifier Modules we could build your exclusive, bespoke amplifier as you can find some in this website.

It's difficult to talk about ones own developments and it's quality, so we let others do that on a special page.

For years we also develop and produce loudspeakers on customer requests. Read the 6moons experiences
In the picture above you can recognise that our amplifiers are built in a modular way.
This means that we can decide for a numerous number of combinations and corresponding pricing.
The consumer price of our amplifiers is just the sum of all modules + cabinet + connectors + labour time.

We now have some help info about building it at the left side of your screen.
With us you order your (pre)amplifier similar as if you were ordering a car:
- You select the type, size, color and finish of the cabinet.
- Check what type of "engine(s)" (the amp. modules) will fit and select.
- You decide the total possible power (Current Stage model / cabinet size) of your amp has to build up.
- You decide the torque, read: bass fundament (Current Stage / transformer type) you amp has to give.
- You decide how refined it has to sound by type of input stages and Power fets used.
- You decide how it's fuelled: what type of inputs are used (RCA or XLR).
- You decide what the finish has to be: what quality / brand and type of connectors are used and
what the finish of the cabinet has to look
For every step listed above, we have a specific page at the left with more details.
The amplifier # 0001 above and more became alive exactly as described above.

While doing so, you get exactly what you had in mind for a correct price, just as with ordering a car.
Imagine, you go to some car dealer and there are only three models too choose from and
all setups are exactly the same??? !!!       With audio gear this was reality so far.

By listeners experiences, our BESPOKE amps cost around 50% of ranked, similar sounding amps.
Besides that, you know that it's built as you want it, by hand, especially and only for you!
There is nothing to miss and nothing to much and you pay only what you wanted.
As a matter of fact: we can have any panel of the cabinet full colour printed with
ANYTHING you like, f.e. your face or any picture,your or our signature, your name, adress, etc. etc.
You want us to use your favorite brand of components somewhere? No problem.

We even go a step further than this bespoke thing:
- For technical people, we can supply all what's required and you assemble the amplifier yourself.
You can order all required modules,  connectors, transformers, cabinets, etc. in our webshop.

- For those who have electronics in their blood, we even can supply is as DIY kits. In that case you have to
solder all parts on the PCB, do the work on the cabinet yourself, mount the PCB's and test /align it yourself.

With one of these two options, listening to your self built amplifier(s) will give even more fun and satisfaction.

In our parts webshop www.eltim.eu you'll also find a lot of other audio related products, like
Drive units,   capacitors,   coils,   Phono cartridges,   styli,    accessoiries,      etc.